Wednesday, August 3, 2011

the end, part one.

6 july 2011

since our flight was at 9, we had to leave at 6am to catch the bus to the airport at 6:30. all went well, and we jumped through all the necessary hoops to get on our flight. and as we took off, another chapter of my adventure closed…

after a short flight, (which we both slept right though), we arrived in lyon. we had a bit of a layover, so we grabbed lunch and chilled at a table for about 2 hours. the train came at 1:15, and we were in paris by 3:15! magical. since our CS host wasn’t at home, we left out things at the consign while we walked around the area. we reposed in the place des vosges (one of paris’ most beautiful plazas), soaking up the lovely parisian summer sun. after our rest, we took a walk around the quarter. i showed rachel our flat from last summer and we looked in several cute vintage shops. around 7, we went back to pick up our stuff from the station and head to florine’s apartment. we got there without any problems, and she is so cool! her flat is beautiful as well, so cute and well done. she complimented us on our french and then we went to buy things for dinner. it was a simple, romantic, classically french meal – meats, chess, fruit, salad, bread. we talked for a long time and then went to bed fairly late. yay CS!

7 july 2011

a grand day in paris! we woke up around 10 and ate some breakfast. the get-ready time took longer since rachel washed her hair, so we ended up leaving around 12:30. we went straight to see rachel’s friend emma and grab lunch with her near the ‘tour de montparnasse’. after her lunch break, rachel and i did a big walking tour of the city, since she’d forgotten her passport and couldn’t get into the d’orsay for free. we walked so far, eventually landing at the arc de triomphe. after a big of shopping, we made our way back to florine’s. we ended up doing the same thing for dinner because the previous night was so good! we stayed up talking again, and then packed our bags for london in the morning!

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