Friday, February 13, 2015

(golden) state of the union

lord have mercy, time does fly. 

i feel like the last year's worth of posts have been 'catch up' posts... so, in the interest of consistency, here's another one!

my internship with 'my french country home' last fall was absolutely delightful. i had the opportunity to get a glimpse into a completely new industry and i learned so much! i saw so many beautiful places and met so many wonderful people - the fall of 2014 will be a cherished memory forever.

the cherry on top of it all was getting to travel in eastern france with my very best friend, mary lyn. she flew all the way from memphis to spend thanksgiving in france with me! we explored many of the fairytale towns of alsace, which were all dressed in their christmas best. it was like being inside a story book! 

coming home was a breeze, as i landed right in the middle of the holiday season and got swept right up into preparations for christmas. i worked at a fun little boutique near my home for a few weeks, spent time with my family, and celebrated the holidays. christmas and new years came and went in a flash, and suddenly, a whole new year began.

on january 3rd, we sent colleen off to france for her semester abroad (which made me quite nostalgically jealous). a few days later, my parents and i headed out to california to visit family. we celebrated my grandfather's 40th "AA" birthday and also his 20th wedding anniversary with my step-grandmother! it was so much fun to see everyone again - i hadn't been out to california since the fall of 2010! yikes.

my parents left on the 14th, and in keeping with recent history, i finagled a way to stay out in cali for the following weeks... and (surprise?) i'm still here! the rest of january was spent hanging out with family and visiting my dear friend rachel up in burbank. i finally got to go to san francisco at the end of the month, to explore the city and visit a friend in the east bay. that visit ended up being quite a life-changer... if everything goes according to plan and the fates are on our side, mary lyn and i will be living in the bay area by the spring!!! big things are happening, and it is so much fun to be along for the ride.

for the month of february, i've been working with a blogger in laguna beach, helping her to launch a new project called 'french food camp.' she is a super talented cook who loves to bring the french lifestyle into her southern california home. i've been spoiled rotten with the food here - not sure i'll ever be able to feed myself adequately after this month!

next month, it's back up to the bay area to do some reconnaissance with mary lyn. as of now, i'll be home in mid-march......... maybe. ;)