Saturday, December 18, 2010

just a preview..

well, i'm babysitting right now. with internet access.. so i figured i could give a little visual preview of my future (albeit temporary) home. here is what a quick googleimage search yielded;

this is a map of france. obviously, i'll be in angers.

this is the city. the university is on the other side of
the riverbank. notice the chateau in the middle..

aforementioned chateau. it's more of a fortress, really.

one of the town squares. the building on the left is the
Maison d'Adam - the House of Adam. It's one of the
oldest in the city, built around 1500. pretty snazzy, eh?

potentially what my dorm will be like. looks alright....

okay well that's enough for now.. it's impossibly hard to find a picture of the campus (weird, right?) so that will just have to wait until i can take one myself. in 4 weeks!!! :)


Friday, December 17, 2010

less than a month away!

hey everyone!

well, the countdown has officially begun. i'm due to leave in less than a month, and there are way too many things to accomplish before that day comes. stay tuned for more updates as the day draws near!