Friday, January 21, 2011

this week in photos.

as promised.. here is a snapshot of my first week here! :) enjoy...

     SNCF train station      first class car on the TGV

                      the view from my window        sunset over the university! :)

                            the chateau d'angers               view from halfway up.

                            a very excited me!           look how pretty my new city is.

                               love those little alleys.      the maison d'adam.

the cathedtral                  gigantic organ!

                         art at the casa de cuba               le place du ralliement

                       le place du ralliement, pt.2           the theatre at night! 

                                     the tramway.             maison d'adam, pt.2

                          the back of the cathedral          le place freppel

                               some fun nighttime shots from our walking tour!

             in heaven with a tarte framboise        swanky private room at the bar!


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  1. Even cooler than I imagined it looking. I'm so excited for you.