Wednesday, April 27, 2011

and off we go!

hey everyone!

this is going to be a quick post, because in an hour.. i’m starting my journey to SPAIN! i’ll be catching the bus from my dorm to the train station, getting on a train to the airport in paris, and flying to barcelona. :) by the end of this day, i’ll be sleeping in a whole new country!

the last week has been filled with as much friend time as possible.. when i get back from this trip, several of my good friends won’t be here. :( it’s been really hard to say goodbye.. i feel so close to all of these people and i can’t imagine what it’s going to be like when i can’t run down the hall and scratch on a door in the middle of the night. plus, i’m going to miss all these canadian and irish accents! i actually had a bit of a panic-attack break-down sort of thing the other night, thinking about this whole ‘parting ways forever’ business. it’s so tough. but i’m doing my best to make the most of every moment – and i know that goodbye doesn’t mean forever with these people. there’s no way.

easter sunday was FABULOUS here in franceland. i biked into town in the morning to meet my friends andrea and jane (and andrea’s parents) and attend easter mass at a beautiful old church. the stained glass was making reflections on the pillars above the altar, and the slightly incensed air and smoke made the whole thing look like a painting. it was interesting to see the differences in what an easter service at a french catholic church was like in comparison to what i know the easter service is like at rolling hills, my church at home. after the service, i biked over to the only store that was open to pick up a few things for easter brunch! we did the full thing, just like for my birthday last week. it was delicious, and so fun to meet/spend time with andy’s parents!

after brunch, i worked on a few things for this trip – there is a lot of preparation that goes into a 2 week excursion to the mediterranean! :) i skyped with my parents and drew as well. since lent was officially over, i had planned to make an awesome easter dinner – i ended up deciding to do an orange-glazed chicken with spring veggies and pasta salad. it was REALLY good – jessie, rachel, and danielle ate with me. my vegetarian life is over! i’ll definitely be eating less meat now, but it’s good to be back. :)

rachel and i will be meeting up in about an hour to head to the train station.. i’m about 95% packed and ready to go! but here’s some BIG NEWS; we’ve started a video log about our travels in europe – it’s a youtube channel called TheEuropeanAdventure. watch the intro video to learn more, and subscribe to catch us at the 
next stop!

off i go... :)
x jill

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